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Family Home Day Care Inspections/Enforcement

The City of Sioux Falls Health Department welcomes you to the Family Home Day Care Inspections/Enforcement report website.

You will be able to determine whether your provider has registered with the City of Sioux Falls and also view any inspections that have been conducted at the day care. If a citation has been issued within the last year to a day care it will appear on the citation list.

Inspections are currently done on family day care homes that have become registered since spring 2011 and also in response to family day care home complaints filed with the Health Department. The City of Sioux Falls does not endorse or recommend any family day care home. The City of Sioux Falls provides this information merely as a tool for parents and/or guardians to utilize as they choose appropriate day care.

Explanation of Citation Link Headers

The list contains the following information for each citation contained therein:
  • Cited: The date the citation was issued
  • Address: The address where the code violation existed
  • Complaint Type: The description of the code violation as detailed on the citation
  • Contact Info: A link to contact information for the City Department responsible for the handling of the case


All attempts are made to accurately represent the information; however, inaccuracies may occur due to technical errors. If you feel a report is inaccurate or want any further information, please contact the Health Department or by telephone at 605-367-8760.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Family Day Care Homes being inspected?

Answer: Yes. Complaint based, newly registered, change of address and routine inspections are all part of the Family Day Care Program.

What is looked for in an inspection?

Answer: New Family Day Care Homes require both a pre-opening inspection and a new facility opening inspection. Inspections cover the provider (and helper) registration requirements which include the following:

  • Certification of CPR and First Aid
  • Felony background checks
  • Screenings against the Central Registry of Abuse and Neglect (required of all persons 15 years of age or older who are living at or frequenting the home)
  • Sex offender registry screening (required of all persons 15 years of age or older who are living at or frequenting the home)
  • Liability Insurance Coverage

Other items addressed in the inspection include:

  • Compliance with number of children in care (maximum of 12 including providers own children under six years of age)
  • Compliance with adult-to-child ratios for children under the age of 2 (allowed four children less than 2 years of age, with only two being under 1 years of age, or include a registered helper to maintain the 1:4 adult-to-child ratio)
  • Making sure any fire arms, archery equipment and kitchen sharps are inaccessible to children
  • Hazardous cleaning supplies are locked up or out of reach
  • Hot surfaces or open flames are partitioned or screened
  • Premises are clear of all animal waste and potentially hazardous situations

Are the inspections scored?

Answer: No. There is not a score applied to an inspection of a Family Day Care Home.

Does the provider know when they will be inspected?

Answer: That depends on what type of inspection is being conducted. Routine complaint based inspections and new facility opening inspections are unannounced. Pre-opening inspections are coordinated with the provider.

Does the provider have to post the results of any inspections?

Answer: Yes. Inspection reports are required to be posted in plain view so that parents have access to them.

What if my provider's name does not come up when entered?

Answer: The name may have been misspelled or your provider is not registered with the City of Sioux Falls. Please contact our office at 605-367-8760 if this happens so we can look into the situation.