Ascend Internship Program

Discover Your Path: Ascend Internship Program

Explore our paid summer internships that offer more than just a paycheck.

Ascend is the City of Sioux Falls’ paid summer internship program. From public safety to city planning or parks and rec, discover how a career in public service leaves a lasting impact on our community.

The program is open to students 18 years or older, including undergraduate, technical, or masters-level. Enjoy flexible start and end dates, with a typical internship length of 10 weeks.

Check out our Employment Page to review Part-Time, Seasonal, and Full-Time opportunities.


Earn $7,200* over the summer

Program Details

Ascend Intern Group


  • A full-time mentor in your department
  • Meaningful projects for you to lead
  • Acquire career-specific skills
  • Weekly Cohort meetups
  • Featured speakers and networking

Hourly wages for interns start at $18.12. Over the course of a 10-week summer, at 40 hours a week you could earn $7,200 or more.

Serve with purpose

At the City, you won't be watching from the sidelines. You'll dive headfirst into meaningful projects, leaving a lasting impact on the community we serve.

Skills that open doors

Our program includes professional development opportunities that will help you refine your skills, develop new ones, and emerge as a capable and confident professional. 

Grow through connection

Each participant is paired with a dedicated mentor, someone who's been down the path you're on and is eager to guide you.

Build your network 

Weekly cohort gatherings, whether over lunches, networking events, or afternoon socials, will help you connect with like-minded individuals.


Internship Testimonials

Sam Stoltenburg "Throughout my internship, I was able to experience the many different aspects that make up Finance. From accounting to budgeting and everything in between, I was able to get an inside look into how the City of Sioux Falls operates from a financial standpoint. Not only that, but being able to work in a formal business setting gave me the opportunity to practice effective communication skills. These skills have proven to be beneficial since moving into a full-time position."

 - Sam Stoltenburg 

Abby Thomas "During my internship with the Sioux Falls Police Department, I was given the opportunity to explore each part of the department. I had many great experiences during my internship, and it helped me to solidify my desire to be a police officer and determine what I wanted for my future. I learned so much from many officers. If you are interested in a career in law enforcement, I highly recommend applying. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I wouldn’t change my experience for anything!"

- Abby Thomas

Erica Beck "One of the most important experiences I had at my internship was meeting the team in the planning office, getting to know what they were passionate about and the type of impact they wanted to make on the City of Sioux Falls. My experience and interactions with the Planning team as an intern inspired my career path and led me to my current position."

 - Erica Beck | Chief of Staff


Adam Roach "Initially, my internship started off by me understanding the foundation of what’s needed to be an urban planner, but then it also opened up a network of different channels of individuals who have been through the urban planning department. It exposed me to the multitude of opportunities within my discipline which piqued my interest in government planning and development."

- Adam Roach | Urban Planner 



Aileen Profir "It was the opportunity to work, hands-on, in the professional environment testing my own abilities while learning from the experience of others in the office who have such a wealth of knowledge"

 - Aileen Profir | Civic Analytics Specialist