Public Access Defibrillator (PAD)

aed Public Access Defibrillator cabinet

Sioux Falls Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Information

Since 2004, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue (SFFR) has partnered with Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota for establishing a Heart Healthy community in Sioux Falls, SD.

This partnership was formed to deliver training and equipment to the citizens and businesses of Sioux Falls for the specific purpose of decreasing death or disability in the community from coronary events.

PADs are purchased by a business or individual, and the owner is expected to maintain the PAD in good working condition. SFFR provides yearly business inspections to assist with reminders and recommendations for PAD maintenance and access. In the event a PAD is used for a public resuscitation, upon notification from the PAD owner, SFFR will attempt to replace all used equipment and retrieve monitoring information from the PAD for clinical personnel.

City of Sioux Falls buildings have a building custodian responsible for their PADs, and the custodian is encouraged to contact SFFR to assist with equipment updates or replacements.

PADs are available from multiple sources. SFFR utilizes equipment for Physio-Control brand defibrillators. SFFR recommends contacting Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota: 605-977-7381 to purchase a PAD at significant cost savings or ask further purchase questions.

SFFR is available to provide staff CPR training including the use of a PAD, answers to equipment technical questions, and other assistance by calling 605-367-8092.

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