Police officers laughing with citizen

An essential part of making Sioux Falls a great place to live is keeping our citizens and visitors safe. The Sioux Falls Police Department is a key part of that mission, but the SFPD doesn't just respond to and reduce crime – they are an important part of the community.

On this page, you can learn more about the police department and its various initiatives, plus find ways to get involved with community programs. Sioux Falls relies on its citizens as well to help make the city a great place to live. We provide tips here for keeping your home, business, and surrounding areas safe. You can also contact the police department for non-emergencies and see the requirements for joining the SFPD.

“Community policing is the future for the SFPD. We are proud of all the ways our teams get out in the community each day to interact face-to face with every resident.”
                                                - Chief Thum