Ash Borer Information for Residents

In 2018, Emerald Ash Borer was found in Sioux Falls. EAB is a highly destructive, invasive insect that infests and kills ash trees in the genus Fraxinus. Approximately 40% of the City's urban forest were ash.

The City of Sioux Falls is taking a proactive approach to manage trees in public spaces and we need your help. Learn the facts about EAB so we can fight it together as One Sioux Falls. Read more about the City's response plan for EAB.

How to Respond

Step 1.Don’t procrastinate.

Prevent damage, further infestation, and more costs by identifying if you have an ash tree on your property.  

Step 2.Learn the signs.

Infestations start from the top of the tree and work their way down over time. Look for shrunken leaves at the top of the tree that may be a light green in color. This progresses into branch dieback and sprouting the next year. You will notice increased woodpecker activity and blonding of the bark in year 4-5 of infestation. If you can see D-shaped exit holes at eye level from EAB odds are the top of the tree is dead and needs to be removed.

Ash tree showing middle stage of emerald ash infestation
Ash tree showing end stage of emerald ash infestation

Step 3.Develop a plan and make a call.

Replacement or treatment are the two options. If you have an ash in good condition, treatment every two years is necessary to maintain the tree. If you don't plan to treat, removal is the safest option. Connect with a licensed arborist or call 605-367-8222.

Step 4.Grow greener.

Replace your tree by applying for a planting permit to maintain long-term stability of our urban canopy here.

Contact an arborist

Contact a City-licensed arborist to assist with removal, treatment, and pruning.