Homeowner Guidance

Responding to the Emerald Ash Borer in 3 Steps

1. Are you responsible for an Ash tree?

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of all trees on their property and adjacent parking strip, the area between the curb and sidewalk. The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) only attacks Ash trees. First determine if you have an Ash tree.

For help Identifying ash trees please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

2. You have an Ash tree, now what?

You have two options to prepare for the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation in Sioux Falls.

(Option 1) – Treat your Ash tree for the life of the tree.

Treatments typically cost $150 - $350 per tree and need to be repeated every 2 years. After the primary infestation is over and most of the Ash within Sioux Falls are dead you can possibly treat every 4 years. Now that it is here EAB will always be present in Sioux Falls, treating will be for the remainder of the trees life.

(Option 2) – Remove your Ash tree.

If you do not treat your ash tree it will eventually die sometime in the next 10 years. You can remove your tree now, or you can remove it later. Typically, the cost for removing a tree that is still alive is quite a bit cheaper than removing a tree that is dead, so cutting early is to your benefit. Once the ash tree dies it becomes very brittle and can fall apart becoming a hazard to people and property.

3. Who can help?

A licensed arborist

They will be able to tell you what each of your options will cost you. As each property is as unique as its owner seeking advice from a licensed arborist will be in your best interest. Taking a proactive approach now will save you time and money later as this infestation will spread across the City of Sioux Falls and the demand for professional assistance will greatly increase.

Licensed Arborists That Treat Trees

All Licensed Arborists

The City of Sioux Falls

Ash trees growing in the area between the curb and sidewalk (parking strip) within residential areas will be removed as part of a 10-year Emerald Ash Borer response plan. The City of Sioux Falls will remove these trees and grind the stump free of charge to the abutting property owner. Removing stump grindings, backfilling with topsoil and grass seeding the area will be the responsibility of the abutting property owner. If you choose to re-plant a tree within the parking strip, a planting permit must be submitted to the city.