City Response Plan

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Response Plan

The City of Sioux Falls has adopted the following proactive responses to the emerald ash borer (EAB).

One Sioux Falls: EAB Work Group 

Our urban forest reaches well beyond any single department, so a unified work group was created to plan for the impending effects of EAB as One Sioux Falls. It includes representatives from multiple City departments. External partners include the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, SDSU Extension and 211 Helpline Center.

Removing the Financial Burden: Street Tree Removal Plan

Within Sioux Falls, 40 percent of street trees are susceptible to attack from EAB. Unless treated by adjoining property owners, trees and stumps will be removed by the City at no cost to property owners. That creates space to re-plant a diverse urban forest and prevent future infestations like EAB.

Driving Diversity, Growth & Sustainability: Street Tree Planting Permit

City ordinance requires a permit prior to planting a new street tree. This free process enables monitoring and recommending species of trees to increase diversity within the urban forest, prevent future epidemics like EAB and Dutch elm disease in the ‘70s to create a sustainable urban forest.