Home Daycare

Home Day Care: Care is provided in a dwelling and the number of persons cared for is limited to a maximum of six adults or six children under the age of 14 years. Included in the number of children are the provider's own children six years and under. The dwelling shall be used as the principal use, and the day care use be accessory.

By Health Department Policy, this ordinance is not intended to restrict the periodic use of baby-sitters caring for the children of one family. It is intended to regulate homes, which are regularly caring for children from multiple families.

Child Care Givers planning to start a new business, will need to comply with the requirements and register with the City Health Department before they begin.

Health Department registration requires the provider to demonstrate that they have an infant or toddler first aid/CPR certification and that no adult (15 years and older), regularly in the home has their name on the Central Registry for Abuse & Neglect or is required to register as a sex offender. A felony background check must be done for all individuals 15 years and older who reside at or will be present on the premises on a regular basis. Providers must have proof of $300,000 liability insurance.

As part of the application fee, day care providers will be provided educational information and training opportunities to meet the training requirements.

There are No Zoning Department permits or requirements for this type of Day Care Home.

These materials and forms should be reviewed and completed as necessary: If you have any questions regarding regulations, contact the Sioux Falls Health Department.

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