Homeowner Sidewalk Repair

Connecting Sioux Falls and its pedestrians

Our sidewalks are a key part of the city’s infrastructure and are crucial for a safe and accessible community. The City of Sioux Falls and its sidewalks team is focused on inspecting and repairing the 1,240+ miles of sidewalks across the city.

Sidewalk Inspection And Repair Program

If you’ve received one of these door hangers or letters, there’s a section of sidewalk outside your home that needs to be repaired.

State law puts this responsibility on the homeowner, but the City of Sioux Falls is here to help in this process. There are three options for repairing a sidewalk: Repairing it yourself, hiring a contractor, and allowing the City to repair the sidewalk. All three options are at the homeowner’s expense.

Need more information about sidewalk?
We’ve prepared several guides to help homeowners and contractors navigate the process of sidewalk repair.