Vacant Buildings

To protect public health, safety, and welfare, owners must register vacant buildings no later than 30 days after they become unoccupied. This application for Vacant Building Registration must include all requested information. The owner must also notify the City of any changes in that information within 30 days of the proposed change. The City must approve any revision in the plan or timetable for the vacant building.

New owner(s) must register or re-register the vacant building within 30 days of an ownership transfer. They must follow all laws and codes as well as the approved plan and timetable submitted by the previous owner. Further changes must be submitted and receive City approval.

The owner must pay an annual fee of $1,000 for the period the building remains vacant. If the property is in a historic district as identified by the City of Sioux Falls, the annual fee is $2,000. Annual fees increase by $1,000 each year.