Shape Places - Zoning Ordinance

A Sioux Falls Zoning Ordinance

The Shape Places Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance No. 9-13) was passed by the City Council in March 2013.  However, a petition was circulated that put the Shape Places Zoning Ordinance to a public vote. On April 8, 2014, referred Law 3 was on election ballot. Sixty five percent (65%) of the ballots cast voted yes for the Shape Places Zoning Ordinance.  The implementation of the Shape Places Zoning Ordinance began April 16, 2014.

The Shape Places Ordinance is based on input from a survey of 1,500 citizens followed by approximately 60 public meetings over a three-year period.  Each zoning district has forms that equally control prototype site layouts, number of dwelling units, building sizes, parking, signage, transitions standards, and buffer yard requirements for a site’s design.    

  • The Shape Places Ordinance moves non-residential uses, such as nursing homes and day care centers, from certain single-family residential districts to office or multi-family zoning districts.
  • The Shape Places Ordinance requires a buffer yard between commercial and residential districts.
  • The Shape Places Ordinance creates four different classifications of commercial zoning that determine the size of any commercial structure.
  • The Shape Places Ordinance provides for final land use decisions that are set by the zoning classification placed on the property and separation distance standards to residential areas.

For the list of Shape Places Zoning districts and the forms allowed in each zoning district, check out the Interactive Zoning Interface for easy reference.