Annual Free Landfill Pass

The Sioux Falls Regional Landfill offers one free, annual pass to residents within Sioux Falls and its five-county service area (Minnehaha, Lincoln, McCook, Turner, and Lake). The goal of the program is to offer residents an opportunity to dispose of items for free that may otherwise crowd private property or be illegally discarded. Our goal is to keep Sioux Falls and surrounding communities clean.

The free pass is for one load per household address (less than 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight). To redeem the pass, residents scan their driver’s license or state ID on-site at the landfill. The pass is available to single-family and multi-family households (i.e. apartments, townhomes).

Passes are redeemable once per calendar year and reset every January 1.

If your driver’s license and/or state ID does not match your current address, please bring a piece of mail to verify your current address. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions section below to learn more about the program.

How do I know if I qualify for a free landfill pass? Find a map of our five-county service area and see whether your address is included.
Service Area Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my address doesn't match my ID?

Please bring a piece of mail confirming your name and current mailing address. Please note: the pass is only available to residents in Sioux Falls and the landfill’s five-county service area.

Accepted mail must:

  • Show your name (name on mail must match the driver’s license/state ID)
  • Have your physical/residential address (cannot be handwritten documents)
  • Be less than three months old

Examples of such documents are a utility bill, pay stub, rent receipt, phone bill, bank statement, mortgage document, homeowner’s insurance policy/bill, tax document or vehicle registration.

If there is more than one person living at an address, can we all use a free pass?

No. The program allows for one load per household address. The person using the pass should have a driver’s license or state ID that matches their current home/business address.

Please note: Individuals living in multi-family housing like apartments can participate in the program. Their driver’s license or state ID should have their specific unit/apartment number on it.

I can't remember if I used my free pass

Landfill staff can look up your address to see if the pass associated with it has been used.

Why isn't the City using postcards as passes?

In 2023, the landfill purchased new software that allows staff to scan residents’ driver’s licenses or state IDs to redeem the free pass instead of mailing postcards to all residents. This change allows more people to participate in the program saves time and money for the City and residents.

What if my driver's license or state ID is expired?

Expired driver’s licenses or state IDs will not be accepted. Consider renewing your driver's license or state ID before you redeem the free landfill pass.

What other forms of ID are accepted?

Only driver’s licenses and state IDs are accepted. Other forms of identification generally do not include current addresses, which is required for the program.

What if I live outside of Sioux Falls?

If you live outside the zip codes listed in our service area and have previously participated in the program, please contact the landfill team at 605-367-8162.