Water Reclamation Projects


The master plan document presents a review of the existing collection system and WRF capacities complete with a recommended capital improvements plan that reflects the timing for the following needs:

  • Provide reliability due to age and condition, and avert risk for failure for the WRF and select lift stations;
  • Increase existing and hydraulic capacity for growth for the WRF, collection system, and lift stations;
  • Increase organic capacity for growth at the WRF;
  • Meet future growth at the WRF; and
  • Improve WRF treatment operations.

The recommended capital improvement plan provides a long-term master planning tool for ultimate expansions of the collection system and at the WRF, while identifying a phased construction program to meet reliability, hydraulic capacity, and treatment requirements for the next 20 years.


The purpose of this project is to implement the recommended capital improvements to the collection system and to the Water Reclamation Facility as outlined in the WRF Master Plan.

Project Milestones

Final Master Plan February 2018
City Council Master Plan presentation March 2018
City Council Water Reclamation Projects presentation October 2018
City Council 2020-2023 Utility Rate presentation November 2018
2020-2023 Wastewater Rate increases approved December 2018
City Council CMAR presentation
January 2019
City Council approval to use CMAR project delivery method January 2019
Carollo design contract approved
August 2019
McCarthy CMAR contract approved
March 2020