City residents are responsible for all trees on their property, including those in public rights-of-way. Trees or woody plants must allow 10 feet clearance over sidewalks, 12 feet over streets, and 16 feet over arterial and collector streets (detailed information here). Trimming is required to keep rights-of-way safe for drivers and walkers, and traffic signals and signs visible.

Trees that are dead, dying or diseased must be removed to maintain a healthy urban forest. The Director of Parks and Recreation has the authority to condemn trees that pose a risk to public safety or health. 

Only an arborist licensed by the City Forestry Team can do tree work for a fee. Property owners who wish to plant or remove trees in a right-of-way must first get a permit through the Parks and Recreation Forestry Team. 

For concerns about overhanging trees from a neighboring property, call 605 367-8222 

Click here for the full ordinance. 

Street Tree Trimming