Bloomberg Philanthropies City Data Alliance

Communities have come a long way over the past decade when it comes to using data to fight crime, protect public health, house the homeless, and so much more. As they get better at this work, one thing has become clear: The biggest gains occur in cities that have a data strategy―a long-term plan that details the technology, processes, people, and rules needed to manage their information assets.

Great news! Sioux Falls  is among 19 cities from North and South America selected to participate in the Bloomberg Philanthropies City Data Alliance. As part of the Alliance, Mayor Paul TenHaken and a senior team of City leaders receive executive education to actualize a data strategy to make City government stronger and more innovative

We achieve the best outcomes when we treat data as the valuable asset it is. Through the Alliance, the City is focusing on two initiatives:

  1. Creating and refining a citywide data strategy. This strategy will include a 3-year vision to advance the use of data and improve city outcomes.
  2. Creating a performance management system to track and demonstrate progress on top priorities.

With up to 12 months technical system support from The Alliance, the City aims to improve its data to inform decisions, transform systems, understand impact, and communicate results.

The benefits from Sioux Falls selection by the Alliance are vast, according to the Mayor: “This is an opportunity for Sioux Falls to not only better understand how data can help us deliver community needs more effectively, but to collaborate and learn from cities of all sizes around the world.”

The ultimate goal? To benefit City residents.