Permit Statistics

1. City of Sioux Falls Planning and Development Services
2023 Year-End Building Permits Report

January 11, 2023


Welcome to the Building Services Year-End Building Permits Report for the City of Sioux Falls. 

The following are permit statistics for 2023 with comparisons to previous years. 2023 proved to be an interesting year with Total Construction Valuations reaching the second highest levels ever. 

Butch Warrington
Chief Building Official

2. Permits Issued

In 2023, 7,324 building permits were issued in Sioux Falls. This was a dramatic decrease from 2022 which saw 11,171 permits issued. However, the number of permits was still in line with previous years when considering that 2022 included more than 5,000 shingle permits.

Total Building Permits Issued

Total Construction Valuation

The construction valuation in 2023 totaled $1,115,671,406. Considering the challenges with high inflation and an ongoing labor shortage, this speaks volumes for the wellbeing of the City of Sioux Falls.  

  • 42.2 percent decrease from the exceptional 2022 ($1,930,003,807) 
  • 1.0 percent increase from 2021 ($1,104,252,391)
  • 21.3 percent increase from 2020 ($919,602,112) 

Total construction valuation is defined as the quoted or calculated construction valuation for all commercial and residential new buildings, as well as additions, repairs, remodels, and renovations built within Sioux Falls.  

Total Construction Valuation

3. Residential

Single-Family Dwellings

Sioux Falls added 421 new single-family dwellings in 2023. This is a decrease of 215 single family dwelling units from 2022.  

  • 33.8 percent decrease from 2022 (636 units) 
  • 50.5 percent decrease from 2021 (850 units) 
  • 43.3 percent decrease from 2020 (742 units) 

The number of new single-family dwellings declined this past year.  

In 2023, the dollar value for all new single-family homes decreased to $113,837,995. The average dollar value per home is $270,339, based on this valuation. The average square footage per home this past year was 1,520 square feet, an increase over 2022’s 1,482 square feet.  

Single Family Dwelling Units

Single Family Dollar Value

4. Town Houses

Sioux Falls had 331 permits issued for town house units in 2023, which is slightly down from the 405 permits issued in 2022. This is in the ballpark of what the average has been the last few years.  

  • 18.3 percent decrease from 2022 (405 units issued) 
  • 27.6 percent decrease from 2021 (457 units issued) 
  • 15.6 percent decrease from 2020 (392 units issued) 

An average valuation for a town house in Sioux Falls in 2023 is $209,878, while the average floor plan area decreased to 1,040 square feet compared to 1,127 square feet in 2022. 

Town Houses Units

Town Houses Dollar Value

5. Multifamily

Multifamily housing includes non-transient housing such as apartments, independent living centers, congregate living facilities, and condominiums. The number of permits issued in 2023 was for 1,930 dwelling units. This was the second highest number of multifamily units ever issued in the city with the record being last year’s 3,343 dwelling units.  

  • 42.3 percent decrease from 2022 (3,343 units) 
  • 6.0 percent increase from 2021 (1,821 units issued) 
  • 22.9 percent increase from 2020 (1,571 units issued) 

Multi Family Dwellings

Top Apartment Projects

The following are the top 10 apartment building projects in value for 2023:

Project Name Valuation Developer Name Number of Units
One2 Apartments $35,000,000 Lloyd Construction Company 176 units
Spring Creek Apts. Phase 2 $21,328,389 Samuelson Development LLC 147 units
Jefferson Heights Apartments $20,801,672 Paradigm Construction Inc. 171 units
Yukon at Benson Apartments $19,569,914 Signature Companies LLC 156 units
Rolling Green Apartments $18,522,010 Veldhouse Construction Inc 144 units
University Hills Addition #5 $14,740,671 Smart Commercial Construction Inc. 130 units
Willows Edge Commons South $14,510,272 Signature Companies LLC 139 units
The Wondery Apts. Phase 2 $12,676,608 Empire Co Commercial 108 units
The Boundary Apts. Phase 2  $12,431,104 Lloyd Construction Company 112 units
The 41six Apartments $11,838,592 Empire Co Commercial 83 units

Cumulative Number of Dwelling Units

The total number of dwelling units for 2023 was 2,682. This was a decrease from the average over the last 3 years, but it is still 200 dwelling units above the average over a 10 year period.   

  • 38.8 percent decrease from 2022 (4,384 total dwelling units constructed) 
  • 14.4 percent decrease from 2021 (3,132 total dwelling units constructed) 
  • 1.3 percent decrease from 2020 (2,717 total dwelling units constructed) 

The cumulative number of dwelling units consists of single-family dwellings, duplexes, town houses, and multifamily dwellings. 


Cumulative Units Total

6. Commercial

There were 188 building permits issued for new commercial buildings, which consisted of 80 new apartment buildings and 108 permits for other new business construction. The total valuation for new commercial buildings in 2023 was $618.6 million.  

In 2023, commercial construction in Sioux Falls included:  

  • $137.5 million for manufacturing 
  • $255.0 million for apartments 
  • $76.6 million for office, educational, and institutional occupancies 
  • $149.5 million for all other commercial buildings (e.g., strip malls, hotels, and restaurants) 

The total construction valuation for commercial additions, renovations, and remodels in 2023 was $215 million.   

  • 36.8 percent decrease from 2022 ($340.0 million) 
  • 19.2 percent decrease from 2021($266.0 million) 
  • 81.0 percent increase from 2020 ($118.8 million) 

Including apartment buildings, there were 17 commercial projects permitted in 2023 with construction valuations of $10 million or more. The top 15 commercial projects ranked by value are: 


Project Name Valuation Developer Name
One2 Apartments $35,000,000 Lloyd Construction Company
Sanford Health – Virtual Care $27,787,000 Fiegen Construction
BCP Sioux Falls $25,675,000 Arco Design Build
Maguire Iron $22,675,000 Fiegen Construction
Northwest Elementary School $21,904,765 Empire Building Construction
City of Sioux Falls – Jacobson Ice Plaza $21,552,668 Lloyd Construction Company
Spring Creek Apartments – Phase 2 $21,328,389  Samuelson Development LLC
 Excel Energy Addition & Remodel $20,445,762 RJM Construction
Rolling Green Apartments $18,522,010 Veldhouse Construction Inc.
USD Discovery District $15,808,000 McGough Construction
University Hills Addition Building #5 Construction $14,740,671 Smart Commercial
Willows Edge Commons South $14,510,000 Signature Companies LLC
Dillard’s Addition & Remodel $14,070,000 CDI Contractors
The Wondery Apartments – Phase 2 $12,765,008 Empire Co Commercial
The Boundary Apartments – Phase 2 $12,431,104 Lloyd Construction Company