Permit Statistics

1. City of Sioux Falls Planning and Development Services
2022 Year-End Building Permits Report


The following are permit statistics for 2022 with comparison to previous years. In August, the total valuation of permits passed the previous year’s record of $1.1 billion dollars. This has been an unprecedented year for permit valuation.

Butch Warrington
Chief Building Official

2. Permits Issued

Last year, 11,171 building permits were issued in Sioux Falls. This was a dramatic increase over the last couple of years which was caused mainly by an influx of shingle permits like what happened in the years of 2014-15.


Total Construction Valuation

The construction valuation in 2022 totaled $1,930,003,807, a new record for Sioux Falls. This increase is much more than just inflation, this is growth. Considering the challenges with the increase in the cost of materials and a labor shortage in 2022, this speaks volumes for the City of Sioux Falls.

  • 74.8 percent increase from 2021 ($1,104,252,391)
  • 109.9 percent increase from 2020 ($919,602,112)
  • 150.2 percent increase from 2018 ($771,507,597)

Total construction valuation is defined as the quoted or calculated construction valuation for all commercial and residential new buildings, as well as additions, repairs, remodels, and renovations built within Sioux Falls.

PDS23_001 Total Construction Valuation (1).jpg

3. Residential

Single-Family Dwellings

Sioux Falls added 636 new single-family dwellings in 2022. This is a decrease of 214 single family dwelling units from 2021 however this is still a good average compared to other years.

  • 25.2 percent decrease from 2021 (850 units)
  • 14.3 percent decrease from 2020 (742 units)
  • 0.2 percent increase from 2019 (635 units)

The number of new single-family dwellings had increased dramatically the past two years. This year there was a slight pull back more in line with what the average has been over the last 10 years.

In 2022, the dollar value for all new single-family homes decreased to $163,232,144, compared to 2021’s $215,663,096 (a decrease of 24.31 percent). The average dollar value per home is $256,654, based on this valuation. The average square footage per home this year was 1482 square feet, a decrease from 2021’s 1,511 square feet.



4. Town Houses

Sioux Falls had 405 permits issued for town house units in 2022, which is slightly down from the 457 permits issued in 2021. This is in the ballpark of what the average has been the last few years.

  • 11.38 percent decrease from 2021 (457 units issued)
  • 3.32 percent increase from 2020 (392 units issued)
  • 11.57 percent increase from 2019 (363 units issued)

An average valuation for a town house in Sioux Falls in 2022 is $191,651, while the average floor plan size decreased in 2022 to 1,127 compared to the 1,151 square feet in 2021.



5. Multifamily

Multifamily housing includes non-transient housing such as apartments, independent living centers, congregate living facilities, and condominiums. The number of permits issued was staggering in 2022 with a record of 3,343 dwelling units issued. This smashed the record of 1,821 dwelling units in 2021 for this type of residential unit.

  • 83.58 percent increase from 2021 (1,821units)
  • 112.79 percent increase from 2020 (1,571 units issued)
  • 419.91 percent increase from 2019 (945 643 units issued)


Top Apartment Projects

The following are the top 15 apartment building projects in value for 2022:

Project Name Valuation Developer Name Number of Units
Powderhouse Apartments $51,792,816 Eagle Construction 425 units
Cherapa IV $45,316,000 Journey Group Companies 109 units
Sage Meadow Apartments $42,967,988 Paradigm Construction Inc. 266 units
Cherapa III $37,699,855 Journey Group Companies 124 units
Millstone Apartments $31,650,458 Enclave Construction LLC 287 units
Stadium Crossing Apartments $27,774,626 Signature Companies LLC 258 units
Sioux Steel Parking Ramp $20,995,662 Lloyd Construction Company 97 units
The Boundary – Phase I $19,269,240 Lloyd Construction Company 188 units
The Croft at Harvest Creek $18,062,678 Empire Co Commercial 130 units
Parkwood Apartments $17,521,259 Ronco Construction 133 units
The Blu @ Lake Lorraine $17,000,000 Veldhouse Construction Inc. 128 units
Willows Edge Commons – II $16,849,045 Signature Companies LLC 116 units
The Marq Apartments $16,561,726 Lloyd Construction Company 164 units
The Brixx – Phase II $15,457,107 Paradigm Construction LLC 138 units
85th & Brett Multi-Family Apts. $14,709,636 Lloyd Construction Company 131 units

Cumulative Number of Dwelling Units

The total for 2022 was 4,384 dwelling units and represents a record year. This is quite amazing considering last year was a record year as well.

  • 39.97 percent increase from 2021 (3,132 total dwelling units constructed)
  • 61.35 percent increase from 2020 (2,717 total dwelling units constructed)
  • 166.99 percent increase from 2019 (1,642 total dwelling units constructed)

The cumulative number of dwelling units consists of single-family dwellings, duplexes, town houses, and multifamily dwellings.


6. Commercial

There were 268 building permits issued for new commercial buildings, which consisted of 154 new apartment buildings and 114 permits for other new business construction. The total valuation for new commercial buildings in 2022 was $1.215 billion, which was over what the total valuation of all building permits were in 2021.

In 2022, commercial construction in Sioux Falls included:

  • $113.2 million for manufacturing
  • $484.3 million for apartments
  • $232.8 million for office, educational, and institutional occupancies
  • $385.0 million for all other commercial buildings (e.g., strip malls, hotels, and restaurants)

The total construction valuation for commercial additions, renovations, and remodels in 2022 was $340 million which is an increase of $74 million from 2021.

  • 123.91 percent increase from 2021 ($266.0 million)
  • 67.51 percent increase from 2020 ($118.8 million)
  • 25.83 percent increase from 2019 ($158.8 million)

There were 73 commercial projects including apartments permitted in 2022 with a construction valuation of $3 million or more, with 18 projects exceeding $20 million and 11 projects with a construction valuation of $40 million or more. The top 15 commercial projects ranked by value are:

Project Name Valuation Developer Name
City of Sioux Falls – Water Reclamation Facility $170,511,331 McCarthy Building Companies, Inc
Sanford Medical Center – Surgical Tower $90,065,350 Henry Carlson Construction LLC
Sioux Falls Reginal Airport – Parking Ramp $62,648,902 Henry Carlson Construction LLC
Augustana University – Midco Ice Arena $60,000,000 Clark Construction Group
Cherapa II $49,521,680 Journey Group Companies
Canopy By Hilton $46,960,000 Lloyd Construction Company
Cherapa IV $45,316,000 Journey Group Companies
Alloy 1 Storage Warehouse $45,000,000 Valor Contracting
Powderhaus Apartment $43,897,442 Eagle Construction
Sage Meadow Apartments & Townhomes $42,967,988 Paradigm Construction LLC
Sanford Medical Center – Parking Ramp & Office $41,000,000 Henry Carlson Construction LLC
Cherapa III $37,699,855 Journey Group Companies
Millstone Apartments $32,892,314 Enclave Construction
Harrisburg 9th Grade Academy $29,100,000 Hoogendoorn Construction Inc
Steel District Office Tower $28,884,000 Lloyd Construction Company